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Tamakuku Terrace progress update May 2021

We wanted to get in touch and show you some of the progress at our Tamakuku Terrace subdivision on James Line. Work started on the site in January, and despite some rainy days, is progressing well.

The main work completed over the past few months has been significant earthworks, to ensure the entire site is one level. We’ve also created the pond that will catch rainfall once the subdivision is habitable, which reduces the chance of flooding.

We’ve also done significant amounts of work laying stormwater and wastewater mains. To do all of this work, we’ve spent a large amount of time putting environmental controls in place to protect our nearby waterways.

Over the coming months we’ll begin constructing the acoustic wall, which sits next to the shared pathway. This will reduce the sound from the railway for residents. We’ll continue to do more earthworks and continue to lay water pipes.

The earthworks and laying of services is the lengthiest part of any construction of a subdivision. As we head into spring, there will be more visual signs of progress, with kerbs being laid out, and preparation for the roads.

We are hoping to release more information about the sales shortly.

Posted: 12/05/2021

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