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Why live in Whakarongo?

Whakarongo is close to Kelvin Grove and all of its amenities, close to Ashhurst and has beautiful views of the ranges, and is close to the Manawatū River. As the area continues to grow there’ll be even more to look forward to.

What is the council’s involvement in this?

Palmerston North City Council own the land, and are developing the subdivision and selling sections. Once the sections are sold the council will not have any further involvement except for design approvals, building consent and compliance. Council will retain ownership and maintenance of the stormwater reserve, roads and shared paths. Rates will be charged once certificate of titles are issued.

Has the environment been considered with this development?

Yes, of course. We’ve been working closely with Horizons Regional Council to minimise the impact on our environment.  Our mana whenua, Rangitāne, has also provided cultural and ecological feedback which has helped shape our decisions.

Have iwi been involved?

Yes. Iwi have been a key stakeholder in this development from the beginning. Rangitāne have been involved in subdivision design workshops, naming of the development, contractor procurement, landscaping design and plant selection, acoustic wall art design, ecological assessments, blessing of the site and ongoing site monitoring of the construction works onsite.

Do we have added protection seeing as Council are behind this development?

We provide the same services at Tamakuku as we do around most of the city. While we are the current landowners, as soon as the title gets handed over, the sections will be owned by the purchaser.
If residents ever have concerns about things like water, roading, recycling or they have ideas for their community, we’re always here for a chat.

Will there be any community amenities - E.g. A library or community centre?

There aren’t any current plans for Council to build a library or community centre in Whakarongo. Nearby Kelvin Grove and Ashhurst both have a range of amenities and community centres that are close by for Whakarongo residents.

Is the lake/pond/wetland safe to swim in?

This pond will generally always have a low flow and will at times look like a lake after heavy rain as its main purpose is to act as a stormwater retention pond. This means that when we experience heavy rain, this pond will capture the rain and filter it before it drains downstream. This basin or pond should not be swum in.

What are you doing to reduce the noise of the trains?

We’re working with Rangitāne, acoustic engineers and our landscape architect to design an acoustic barrier to both block the sight of the train tracks, but also create a noise barrier. We can’t rule out all train noise, but we are working hard to limit that as much as possible with the acoustic wall and mitigate sufficient noise as required in our consents.


How many sections are there?

There are 114 lots for sale in the entire Tamakuku Terrace subdivision. Stage 1 consists of 79 sections, and Stage 2 there is 35 sections.

The total land area available for sections is 5.27ha. The total development area is 9.64ha. We would have loved to develop more sections but are required to construct a pond for stormwater purposes which takes up much of the space.

What size are the sections and how was this determined?

We have designed the development to have a range of section sizes to suit different buyers at all stages of life. Stage 1 the sections range from 290m² and 814m². 

Do I have to build a house or can I keep the land for the future?

We don’t want people to landbank, but we also understand that life can get in the way and put plans on hold. Construction must commence 18 months after the certificate of title has been issued. Construction must be completed within 18 months of the construction commencing, this is to ensure that new homes are built in a reasonable time period.

Will I own the section?

Yes. Once you have settled on the title that you have purchased and received your certificate of title, you’ll own the section completely.

Sale Process

What is the process for purchasing a section?

The sections will be sold directly. Please contact our agents today if you are interested.

What is the deposit?

A 10% deposit of the purchase price is required when your offer is accepted.

Can I use my Kiwisaver?

You can use your Kiwisaver, please chat to your provider on when you can use it.

Can I view the sections?

Yes, the roads within Stage 1 are now vested and you can drive around the neighbourhood or you can call one of our team from Bayleys for a private viewing.

When do I have to start paying rates?

Rates costs will begin once you have received a certificate of title and the costs will be prorated based on the time of year and payment cycle.

Can I buy more than one section?

Yes you can.

Are there any covenants on the sections?

There are covenants on these sections which outline development rules to ensure you and your neighbours adhere to best practice and good development outcomes are achieved. The covenants are included in the sales packs.

I like a section in a future stage being released. Can I offer on that now?

Please speak to one of our sales agents if you are interested in a section that is not released and we can discuss options.

Are there Geotech reports for the sites?

There is a geotechnical completion report available on request. Please get in touch today if you would like to view a copy of this.

Look & Feel

Are there special rules about what my house can look like?

We want Tamakuku to be a great place to live, so we have established design guidelines that make sure the community has a consistent feel and good design outcomes are achieved. But, don’t worry- you can still put your mark on it. The design guidelines are available to view and download within the ‘Subdivision Design’ page on the website. 

What type of things are in the design guide?

The items covered in the design guidelines are

  • Layout
  • Architecture which includes form, roof and cladding
  • Landscaping
  • Ancillary buildings

How much extra will the design guidelines add to my building costs?

We don’t expect they’ll add any additional costs to building. The design guidelines set a benchmark for good design outcomes that provide a great sense of community.

Are there any sustainability elements that will be required for the houses?

We do not directly specify sustainable elements within the build but we do encourage quality, locally sourced materials and native and locally sourced plants within your landscaping.


How soon can we build?

The first step in the build process is to review and submit your design approval application (as outlined in the Design Guidelines) which can be completed as soon as you have agreed on your house design. We recommend completing this before you have certificate of title so that you are ready to submit your building consent application as soon as your have a certificate of title.

Once your design is approved you can then submit your building application with Council. Allow a couple of months for this process.

Once you have building consent you are then ready to build.


Who will be building the houses?

That’s up to you. Find a builder that you like and can bring your vision for your dream home to life.
A good place to start is

Can I pick my own builder?

Of course. The Council is only selling land so you will need to engage your own builder.

What are the timeframes?

You must commence building within 18months and complete the construction within an 18 month timeframe. These timeframes are there to ensure houses are built in a reasonable amount of time and purchasers can enjoy their new home sooner.

Do we require any additional acoustic treatment if we are building within 80m of the railway?

Yes you do require additional acoustic mitigation if you are building within 80m of the railway corridor. The council have constructed an acoustic wall on the railway boundary to mitigate as much noise and vibration as possible however there is still some mitigation required by each purchaser to demonstrate compliance with the district plan rule. The acoustic wall makes a big difference however there is still some additional requirements. There is an acoustic report that will help provide a guide on the requirements so please ask one of the Bayleys team.

Sales Documents

Tamakuku Terrace Sales Pack

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Scheme Plan

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Design Guidelines

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Sales Flyer – Price List

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